R+D+i Projects

With a marked objective of continuous improvement and innovation,Strategic Minerals Europe participates in several RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION (R+D+i) initiatives related to the study and obtaining minerals of its projects.

To do this, the company has had a team of professionals and researchers who are well-known in their respective fields belonging to different universities and research centers. This ensures that we are using all technical improvements available and the most highly-skilled staff to conduct our activities, which further supports the results that we obtain.

The RDI projects that Strategic Minerals Europe has collaborated or is currently participating in are listed below:

Petrographic, chemical, minerological and petrogenetic studies on tantalum, niobium and tin mineralization in the Penouta Mine

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Inertization of mining wastes, through its valorization as raw materials for the production of glass ceramics

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OptimOre Project (Horizon 2020)

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Smelting studies for Sn, Ta and Nb concentrates

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