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Quartz is a mineral from the group of tectosilicates, and it is the second-most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust after feldspars.

Quartz is a byproduct at the Penouta Mine. It comes from different types of rocks, which give it variable compositional and rheological properties. Quartz comes from:

  • Filonian rocks: this is a milky quartz and, to a lesser extent, a smoky quartz. The thickness of this veins varies from millimeters to meters and are mainly found in the apical part of the deposit, hosted by the metamorphic rocks.
  • Igneous rock: specifically from the Sn-Ta-Nb albite granite, where idiomorphic phenocrystals of quartz dominates, which contains albite inclusions along growth faces. This type of quartz is characteristic worldwide of this type of rare metal albite granites.
  • Metamorphic rocks: orthogneisses for the most part, with quartz that is compositionally rather pure, on some occasions showing blue color. The proportion of this type of quartz is the smallest in the concentrate, since the original rock is not typically processed in the gravity plant.

Characterization of quartz concentrate

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Quartz applications

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Technical Datasheet - Quartz

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