Conflict Minerals

A large portion of tin and tantalum minerals are located in areas of social and economic unrest, where there are constantly wars to control the few resources that exist. These wars are financed in large part by the companies that buy minerals in these countries to manufacture their products. These minerals, like blood diamonds, are considered by developed society to be a way to finance war and poor conditions in countries that are already that way on their own.

Because of this, large electronics companies have issued notices, saying that they conduct research throughout the chain of production on their items from the time the minerals are collected until they leave to the market, because they do not want to be grouped with companies who use minerals from areas of conflict.

Therefore, minerals that are in conflict-free areas are more valuable, as is the case with Spain. Throughout Europe there is a scarcity of these minerals so there is also added value.

Furthermore, the governments of both the EU and the US have established different regulations to govern the entry of conflict minerals. These laws have been criticized by many, since the exploitation and production of conflict-free minerals are more costly, and thus the minerals themselves are more expensive. Yet ethically, they are much cheaper, since they do not lead to the misfortune of millions of people.

At Strategic Minerals Europe, we defend human rights and we believe in exploiting minerals responsibly and ethically. As a result, we sanction extraction from areas of conflict, or the purchase of these materials, since they are financing wars that lead to numerous human rights violations.

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