Strategic Minerals Europe is firmly grounded in its commitment to the environment and sustainable development.

Our primary objective is to prevent environmental damage and protect and rehabilitate the environment in areas where we conduct our mining activities.

Therefore, we base the reduction or elimination of our impact on detailed pre-operational studies, allowing us to accurately understand the areas where we conduct activities.

A study of potential environmental aspects when designing projects is key to understanding the degree of environmental effect and establishing and implementing a plan of action to minimize, eliminate and control this effect. Therefore, we are fully committed to applying thorough environmental control, ensuring that our environmental effects are adequately controlled.

Strategic Minerals Europe incorporates state and local environmental standards in all of its works and projects.

To minimize unavoidable impacts, our primary objectives are sustainable use of resources (geological, environmental, water and energy resources), energy efficiency, proper waste management and applying the best techniques available and most efficient equipment.

To us, it is very important to respect the environment when selecting processes and using operational equipment.

Strategic Minerals Europe considers environmental restoration and remediation key, and we think it is important to do this with a plan and a vision of work progress, an idea known as transfer mining.

Understanding and respect for the environment is intertwined in the company through training and informational activities, for both the workers themselves and the workers from other contracted companies.

Environmental management within the organization follows Strategic Mineral Europe's continuous improvement policy. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT POLICY

Allow us to highlight Penouta Mine project as an example of our implementation of the company’s environmental criteria.

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