Safety and Health

For Strategic Minerals Europe, Occupational Risk Prevention is one of the basic premises underlying our daily activities.

We have a goal of zero accidents and incidents and zero professional diseases for all of our employees, contractors and visitors. We invest in everyone's well-being.

We make no distinction between the safety of our contractors and the safety of our employees. Contractors are included in the safety performance data, and they must at all times comply with the security protocols and standards established by the company.

All of them must comply with the requirements and provide documented proof that they have the requirements, permits, certifications, materials and procedures necessary to perform their jobs.

To facilitate this task, we have a Corporate Activities Coordination Center, available to our contractors, so that they can carry out this very important process to access our facilities and do their jobs in compliance with all safety measures and related documentation. If you have any questions, send an email to:

Our priority is to protect people, so we extend our safety and health management to our collaborators and visitors to our worksites.

Safety Management requires a broad and integrated focus, which includes an effective managemetn system with the following criteria: commitment from the management, strict compliance with the standards, identification, evaluation and management of all risks, accident and professional disease prevention, continuous training and good communication.

The safety and health management within the organization follows Strategic Mineral Europe's continuous improvement policy.

Continuous Improvement Policy
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