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For Individuals
For Individuals
The chance to join a great team of people

Strategic Minerals Europe follows a framework favorable to employment relationships based on principles of merit, equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for diversity, creating a healthy and safe work environment, and ensuring open communication within the work teams.

To participate in our recruitment process, you can register with our candidate database, found on the Adecco website , or upload your resume using this form.

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For Business
For Companies
Generating business opportunities responsibly

Strategic Minerals Europe implements the processes and procedures that ensure respect for the values of Integrity, Transparency and Progress in all of its business relationships.

As part of our commitment to excellence, Strategic Minerals Europe maintains an appropriate purchasing policy that allows us to establish a good quality-price ratio, ensuring that our funds are used most effectively.

The Purchasing Department's objectives and principles contribute to acquiring all goods or services in a profitable and legal manner, in order to satisfy the needs of all the departments and meet system requirements, respecting EU Regulations, in addition to all similar Spanish regulations and requirements, and compliance with the following is mandatory:

  • Ensure the best quality-price ratio through tenders
  • Guarantee that the goods and services meet all requirements
  • Guarantee acquisitions are made according to budget and with proper authorization
  • Guarantee an ethics process where there are no conflicts of interest or incentives offered

Ensure that companies within the same area take preference whenever possible, meeting the above criteria.

To participate in our tender processes, send your business information to:
Strategic Minerals Spain
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