Where is it used?

In the ceramics industry

Tableware, sanitary ware, tiles, electric porcelain, ceramics. In glazes and frits.

Botes de cerámica

In the refractory materials industry

Use in cement kilns and in the iron and steel industry.


In the chemical industry

As filler material, coatings and adhesives and in the manufacture of fibreglass.


In the paper industry

Where it is used as filler or pigment.

Dibujo en un papel con lápices

In the rubber industry

Where it is used as a filler.


In the paint and coatings industry

Where it is used as a pigment and filler.

Pintura con paleta

In the composites and plastics industry

Where it is used as a filler product.

Botellas de agua de plástico

In the cosmetics and personal care industry

As a filler, excipient.

Crema de manos

In the pharmaceutical industry

As an excipient.


In the agro-forestry industry

As a soil improver.