Sustainable development goals


Strategic Minerals Europe is committed to implementing all of the UN’s sustainable development goals set out in the 2030 Agenda, specifically the following points: 5 (gender equality), 7 (affordable and clean energy), 8 (decent work and economic growth), 11 (sustainable cities and communities) and 15 (life on land).


Socially Responsible and Sustainable

Sustainability is an essential value in Strategic Minerals Europe’s business philosophy, and it carries out its activities based on a threefold commitment to sustainable mining: environmental, social and occupational safety.

By developing its activity based on sustainable mining, abandoned waste is reclaimed, creating economic, environmental and social benefits within the framework of the circular economy.

We have been recognised within the European Union as a company with an exemplary project of good practices in the framework of the circular economy


Respect for the environment

Preventing environmental damage and ensuring the environmental protection and rehabilitation of the places where it operates are Strategic Minerals Europe’s main objectives. This is why the company complies with the applicable environmental regulations in all its projects.

In order to achieve the reduction or elimination of impacts, Strategic Minerals carried out pre-operational studies that currently allow the company to have exact knowledge of the environment in which it carries out its activities and thus be able to prevent environmental impact, and act, if necessary, to eliminate or minimise it.

It also opts for the sustainable use of resources (geological and environmental resources, water, energy), energy efficiency, correct waste management and the application of the best available techniques and most efficient equipment.

Environmental knowledge and respect is incorporated into the company through training and information activities, both for its own employees and for employees of other contracted companies.

Environmental management within the organisation follows Strategic Minerals Europe’s policy of continuous improvement.

We apply rigorous environmental control


Social Commitment

Social commitment is another of the pillars of Strategic Minerals Europe’s sustainability policy, which seeks to generate business value through ethical and socially responsible behaviour.

To this end, the company assesses local needs, promotes community participation and creates alliances with stakeholders in the areas where it operates.

Strategic Minerals Europe also aims to be a benchmark in terms of social and occupational integration, supporting the inclusion of people with different abilities in the labour system, to give them job opportunities in the areas considered by the company.

We generate business value through ethical and socially responsible behaviour



In May 2016, Strategic Minerals signed a collaboration agreement with the Viana do Bolo Town Council, of which the Penouta mining site is a part, with which it undertakes to promote jobs at the Penouta Mine for local residents, as well as to promote service contracts with local companies to supply the needs of the mine.


In the lease contract signed with the Communidad de Montes (Joint-owners of commonly-owned mountain land), which owns the land on which the mine is located, Strategic Minerals undertakes to hire local people.


In the contracts signed with the different companies that carry out work on a regular basis within the mining area, whether they are from the area or not, it is agreed by contract that at least 30% of the people employed are from the area.


As a result of these commitments, 82% of the workers are currently from the province of Ourense, of which 75% are from Viana. And, of the employees of the service companies, 70% are from Viana and the immediate surroundings of the mine.


Ethics and transparency

Mina de Penouta

Strategic Minerals Europe’s actions are based on the company’s values: ethics, transparency, excellence, dialogue, trust, commitment to sustainable development and the search for the highest standards of safety and quality in all its projects, which in turn make up the company’s Code of Conduct.

It is this Code of Conduct that establishes the company’s lines of communication both internally, between management and staff, and externally:

  • Transparency, which is reflected in the transparency with which the organisation presents the results of its management to the different stakeholders.
  • Good corporate governance that ensures proper management of resources.
  • Involvement of partners and workers.


Commitment to occupational safety

For Strategic Minerals Europe, Occupational Risk Prevention is one of the basic premises in the daily development of its activities.

Its priority is to protect people, extending health and safety management to employees, contractors, collaborators and visitors to its workplaces, investing in their well-being.

The company is therefore committed to Safety Management with an integrated approach that includes an effective management system based on the following criteria: management commitment, strict compliance with regulations, identification, assessment and management of all risks, prevention of accidents and occupational illnesses, continuous training and good communication.

Health and safety management within the organisation follows Strategic Minerals Europe’s policy of continuous improvement.

To facilitate this work, the company provides its contractors with a Business Activity Coordination Office so that they can carry out this essential procedure to gain access to the facilities and carry out the work in compliance with all the safety measures and related documentation. If you have any queries, please write to:

Zero accidents as a priority of our safety culture

Trabajador almacén



In the short time that the company has been operating, it has received various awards:

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