• The Ourense Association of Business has expressed its support to the Penouta Project.

Strategic Minerals Spain has thanked today, through its technical manager Francisco García Polonio, the full and unanimous support it is receiving from workers, unions, industry associations, professional associations, neighbors and local authorities as well as the Business Confederation of Ourense (“CEO”), in the framework of the rally that took place today in Viana do Bolo to defend the future of the Penouta Project, which has been supported by more than 200 people.

This is the third rally that has taken place since the decision taken by the TSXG a month ago to request the reversal of its decision to provisionally suspend the permit for section C of the Penouta Mine, stressing the economic and social impact that this would have if this situation is not reversed.

The company wants to convey its total commitment to this project, which it will defend to the end. “Appeals have been filed to challenge the decision and we are confident in our arguments so that the Court, once evaluated the essential environmental and social elements and the impact that the suspension of the company’s activity would have on the community, will reconsider its decision.”

The company claims that the decision of the TSXG violates the right to work of 129 direct families, businesses and entities of the villages of the region of Viana do Bolo and regrets the legal uncertainty that this decision generates in terms of investment when evaluating national and foreign investments in projects such as this one.

Furthermore, the company points out that Section C of the Penouta Mine has been in operation for two years with all the regulatory permits and that it also has a positive environmental impact statement, guaranteeing that it complies with all the required environmental safeguards.