They express their rejection of the decision of the TSXG to provisionally suspend the permit for section C of the Penouta Mine, granted to Strategic Minerals in May last year.

They trust this decision can be reversed, accelerating the reinstatement of the permit for Section C, given the economic and social importance that the Penouta project has both for the region and the province, as well as for Galicia and Spain, as it is a strategic sector, key for the industry and the energy transition.

This decision causes serious damage to the 129 families and auxiliary companies currently working in the Penouta Mine, most of them from the region of Viana do Bolo, as well as to the Company and its investors who have been creating wealth and employment for seven years and recovering an area previously degraded for decades.

They believe that this decision not only poses a threat of unemployment and economic instability in the region but also deprives Galicia of essential minerals for its development. Galician society perceives that mere compliance with all legal and environmental authorizations is insufficient to exercise their right to entrepreneurial freedom and the right to work.

They support the company in all the measures it takes to sustain the operations of the Penouta Mine and ensure job continuity. They request the TSXG to revert the situation to its state prior to the temporary suspension, as requested by the company in its appeal.