The Regional Government’s Vice-President and Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry, Francisco Conde, discussed with executives from Strategic Minerals the positive impact the changeover to a concession of the Penouta Mine (Viana do Bolo) may have in the supply chains for technological components.

Indeed, tantalum and niobium are considered strategic elements, and tin is an essential mineral for energy transition because of its scarcity and important properties in the manufacture of electronic components for the automotive industry, as well as for chemical processes, surgical instruments or even implants.

The Xunta de Galicia has been granted a 30-year concession for the C section of the mine of Penouta, which will result in the creation of 75 direct jobs and an investment of around 40 million euros.

At the meeting, the company also presented the mine’s energy sustainability project, whose goal is to achieve 100% energy self-supply through the generation of electricity using renewable sources, such as photovoltaic energy.

Mining is a strategic sector for the Regional Administration – it should be noted that Galicia generates around 8% of Spain’s mining production. Hence, in consensus with the stakeholders that make up this industry, the Agenda for the Promotion of Sustainable Mining is being drafted. The Xunta is seeking to promote technological innovation and talent in this sector, in addition to fostering environmental integration and the circular economy, while highlighting Galicia’s mining heritage and making it a strategic partner for the modernisation of the industry’s main value chains.