Today, residents of Viana do Bolo, along with neighboring municipalities and the broader region, have gathered in the Plaza Mayor of Viana do Bolo to advocate for the continuation of the Penouta Project. Under the slogan “Penouta non se pecha,” [No to the closure of Penouta] they have called for a reverse of the decision made by the TSXG to temporarily suspend the permit for Section C of the Penouta Mine. They have emphasized the economic and social consequences that this suspension would entail if not reversed.

The decision to temporarily close the mine has immediate implications for 129 families and associated businesses currently relying on the Penouta Mine for employment. Remarkably, 82% of the mine’s workforce comes from the province of Ourense, with 75% residing in close proximity to the mine. Workers have announced their intention to continue with the mobilizations, scheduling a new rally in A Coruña, in front of the High Court of Justice of Galicia (TSXG).

The company is hopeful and confident that, after assessing the key environmental and social factors and considering the potential impact of suspending the company’s operations on the community, will reconsider its decision, the Court will reconsider its decision.