Viana do Bolo, October 27 2023 – The Plenary of the Viana do Bolo City Council convened an extraordinary session and, with unanimous consent, passed an official statement endorsing the Penouta Mine. This statement is in response to the recent ruling by the High Court of Justice of Galicia (TSXG) mandating the temporary suspension of a portion of the mine’s operations.

This morning, the City Council gathered to endorse an “Official Statement of Support for Strategic Minerals and the employees of Penouta Mine, while expressing opposition to the suspension of mining operations by the TSXG.”

Within this document, the City Council asserts that the Penouta Mine, operated by Strategic Minerals, has consistently demonstrated compliance with all national and regional legal and environmental regulations. It also emphasizes that the mine has been instrumental in creating job opportunities for 129 families, along with auxiliary companies, thereby stimulating the regional economy and offering valuable employment prospects to the local population.

Likewise, the Plenary of the Council of Viana do Bolo manifests its disagreement with the decision of the TSXG to suspend the activity of the mine in the absence of a justified reason and calls for unified support from all sectors of society: other municipalities, citizens, workers, labor unions and companies. They emphasize the vital importance of preserving this valuable strategic industry for Galicia.

Furthermore, they urge Strategic Minerals to explore all available legal avenues to overturn this decision, and express hope that the Court will reconsider its stance after conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the essential environmental and social factors. They stress the potential impact that the suspension of mining operations could have on the local community.

The Viana do Bolo City Council emphasizes that the Penouta Project plays a key role in the economic and strategic development of the region. Most of their workers come from the province of Ourense and its immediate area. Furthermore, it holds significant importance at the European level as the sole producer of tantalum and niobium on the continent, both being critical minerals for the flourishing green and digital economies.

This mining operation contributes significantly to Spain’s self-sufficiency in mineral resources, reducing the country’s reliance on imports from third countries, including those from conflict regions. Thus, Penouta stands as a highly valuable solution for today’s economies.