Where is it used?

  • In pearlescent pigments.
  • In paper and coatings.
  • In rubber, exterior and aluminium paints.
  • In plastic sealants.
Pintura carretera
  • In the oil industry: drilling muds.
  • In the automotive industry: welding electrodes, friction, plastics, coatings, foundry paints.
  • In the construction industry: manufacture of cement, coatings, gypsum boards, jointing compounds, improvement of tiles and blocks, precast concrete bricks, as a spreader and filler in certain textures and road paints.
  • In the cosmetics industry: matting agents, glosses.
  • In fillers for paints, oil drilling, artificial snow, plastics and polymers.
  • In tempered metal, absorbent in explosives, disinfectants, paints, fillers in rubber, paper.
Maquillaje, brillo de labios